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Pisa Leaning Tower

Is the wonders of the world This is the bell tower of the Italian cathedral of Pisa, organizing a high-safety rappelling with rappelling ropes, hiking pants, helmet and carapiners (attachments). Between points)

Eiffel Tower

Located in Paris It is a symbol of France. And famous Known around the world Organize an activity to slide across the water or "jig in the sky" using the Eiffel Tower as a high base Install a sling with a ball bearing to cross the water across the slope of 3 degrees to allow the pulley to run. There is a speed control system and a sling base.

Feed the animals

The Great Wall of China

Wonders of the world Organized a rock climbing activity with artificial rock buttons attached to the climb. Climb rope nets, cobwebs, “Spider” and walk across the bridge between the city walls. China to the eiffel tower

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge It is the largest open and closed bridge in the world across the Thames in

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